Text Box: MaST Charter School
1800 East Byberry Road
Philadelphia, PA

Architect and Client:
Horn Blyth Partners, Architects
129 League Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Contact: Alden Blyth, Partner
Telephone: 215.334.0124

BSI Construction, LLC
2705 Black Lake Place
Philadelphia, PA

MaST Charter School focuses on math and science technology education.  In 2001, the school occupied and renovated the former Interstate Steel Supply (Metals USA) building on Byberry Road.  Renovations included the construction of a second floor within the existing building, bringing the total floor area to over 85,000 square feet.  Knudsen Engineering provided civil engineering services for that project.  In 2005, MaST Charter School undertook the construction of a three-story addition for the 7th and 8th grade classes.  The building has a total floor area of nearly 30,000 square feet and is linked to the main school building with a connecting bridge.  The new school building includes a planetarium mounted on the south stairtower.  The building is constructed with a structural steel frame, with suspended concrete floor and steel roof framing.  Foundations include spread concrete column and wall footings.  Knudsen Engineering provided Site/Civil engineering services, including the design of all site improvements, sanitary sewer pumping station and securing approvals from the City of Philadelphia.  Structural engineering services including the design of the building structure and foundations.

Completed Summer of 2006

Walnut Hill Community Church

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