Text Box: Newtown Industrial Building
11 Friends Lane
Newtown, PA

Developer and Client:
11 Friends Lane, LLC
Newtown, PA
Contact: Paul Salvatore
Telephone: 215.968.6703

The development of the existing building at 11 Friends Lane involved an adaptive re-use of an existing industrial building for medical offices.  As with many industrial parks, existing buildings are now left vacant.  11 Friends Lane, LLC, owner and manager of the building, renovated the existing building to be used for doctor’s offices.  The existing one-story building has a floor area of approximately 35,000 square feet on a 3.7 acre lot.  The existing parking area had to be completely re-worked to provide the necessary parking and to meet current design standards.  A new underground stormwater management system was constructed under the parking lot to meet municipal and PADEP regulations, including infiltration. Knudsen Engineering, Inc. provided site/civil engineering services including preparation of land development  plans and all approvals for the project.

Construction completed 2007

Site Plan

11 Friends Lane

New Doctors Offices

in Newtown, PA

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