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Site Plan

New Life Christian Center

Warwick, PA

Text Box: New Life Christian Center
1447 Almshouse Road
Warwick, PA

Owner and Client:
New Life Christian Center
Warwick, PA
Contact: Pastor Andrew Columbia
Telephone: 215.491.0945

New Life Christian Center needs to expand their existing facilities to accommodate growth in their church, and to enhance their ministry.  They are planning to construct a new two-story addition to their existing church building on their 3.8 acre lot, and expand their parking to provide parking for 124 automobiles.  The existing site includes significant woodlands and wetlands, and much design effort was undertaken to preserve existing trees and avoid impact on the wetlands, while still meeting the church’s objectives.  New stormwater management facilities are provided under the new parking areas.  Knudsen Engineering, Inc. provided site/civil engineering services including preparation of land development  plans and all approvals for the project.

Construction scheduled to start Fall 2008

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